Trifid Nebula






Oil on Canvas

12" x 12"


 Original / Giclée / Polychrome

An artistic interpretation of this Nebula offers a close-up interpretation of the center of the Trifid Nebula, near the intersection of the dust bands, where a group of recently formed, massive, bright stars is easily visible. Three huge intersecting dark lanes of obscuring interstellar dust make the Trifid Nebula one of the most recognizable and striking star birth regions in the night sky. The dust, silhouetted against glowing gas and illuminated by starlight, cradles the bright stars at its heart that lies within our own Milky Way Galaxy about 9,000 light-years from Earth, in the constellation Sagittarius.


Original is available: $750

Also Available as Limited Edition Prints

Giclee Print: 16 X 16 $100

Polychrome Print: 12 X 12 $180