Eskimo Nebula






Oil on Canvas

12" x 12"


 Original / Giclée / Polychrome

An artistic interpretation of the majestic view of the glowing remains of a dying star resembles a face surrounded by a fur parka. The "parka" is a disk of material embellished with a ring of comet-shaped objects, with their tails streaming away from the central, dying star - the "face" in this bright central region resembles a ball of twine where two elliptically shaped bubbles of material are blown into space by the star's intense "wind" of high-speed material. The comet-shaped features in the "parka" are formed from a collision of slow- and fast-moving gases and the nebula's glowing gases produce the colors for  nitrogen (red), hydrogen (green), oxygen (blue), and helium (violet).


Original is available: $750

Also Available as Limited Edition Prints

Giclee Print: 16 X 16 $100

Polychrome Print: 12 X 12 $180