Anti - Hour Glass






Oil on Canvas

20" x 16"


 Giclée / Polychrome

An artistic interpretation of a color inverted "Twin Jet Nebula" where each side of it appears much like a pair of super-super-sonic exhausts where the velocity of the gas exceeds 200 miles per second. The central star is known to be one of a very close pair which orbit one another at perilously close distances with one star is being engulfed by the other where the gravity of one star pulls weakly bound gas from the surface of the other and flings it into a thin, dense disk which surrounds both stars and extends well into space. The high-speed wind from one of the stars rams into the surrounding disk, which serves as a nozzle. The wind is deflected in a perpendicular direction and forms the pair of collimated jets where we see neutral oxygen shown in blue, once-ionized nitrogen in purple, and twice-ionized oxygen in red.


Available as Limited Edition Prints

Giclee Print: 16 X 20 $120

Polychrome Print: 11 X 14 $190