The Mice: NGC 4676

The Mice: NGC 4676





Oil on Canvas

16" x 20"


Original / Giclée 

This painting is an artistic interpretation of a Hubble view of a spectacular pair of colliding galaxies, known as NGC 4676, in the constellation Coma Berenices, located 300 million light-years away, the have been nicknamed "The Mice" because of the long tails of stars and gas emanating from each galaxy. Otherwise known as NGC 4676, the pair will eventually merge into a single giant galaxy. In the galaxy at left, the bright blue patch is resolved into a vigorous cascade of clusters and associations of young, hot blue stars, whose formation has been triggered by the tidal forces of the gravitational interaction. Streams of material can also be seen flowing between the two galaxies. The clumps of young stars in the long, straight tidal tail [upper right] are separated by fainter regions of material. These dim regions suggest that the clumps of stars have formed from the gravitational collapse of the gas and dust that once occupied those areas. This picture is assembled from three sets of images in blue, orange, and near-infrared filters.

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